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Retargeting – Smart Way To Convert Your Visitors into Customers

Retargeting is not a new term in Internet Marketing industry. With time the term has evolved, with a broader definition and involves different ways to work with the “retargeted” visitors. Today, Retargeting is not limited to the sites; it now works with Search and Social aspects too.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a simple technique to reconnect with the visitors of your websites, who visited your website earlier but didn’t purchased or optin what you have to offer.

Studies have shown that an average user needs to see an offer or a product several times before they decide to spend their money on them.

Research also shows that only 2% of your visitors convert into customer on their first visit to your online store or website. Retargeting bring back those 98% visitors back to your website and converts your potential customers into happy customers.

How Retargeting Works?


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The Retargeting technique works on cookie based technology. You just have to place a javascript tag or a cookie code (often known as “Retargeting Pixel”) on your website. As this code or pixel is added to the code, it is not noticed by the visitors and does not affect your website in any way.

Whenever any visitor lands on your website, this pixel shoots anonymous cookies in their browser and creates a list of all these visitors.  Now, the Retargeting vendors (or Retargeting service providers like Adroll, Retargeter etc.) use this list to display your retargeting ads, when they visit other websites on internet.

Wow!  I just visited after mentioning them in the above line and then switched to my Facebook account and see what I found:

This is the power of “Retargeting” or what we call “Smart Marketing”.

The facebook ads as shown above is the type of “Social retargeting”, I will be discussing about the major types of Retargeting in my coming posts.

Why and who should use Retargeting?

Well by now, you must have become aware about the power of Retargeting. There is no such restriction on type of business who can be benefited with Retargeting. Any business that needs to make more sales or increase their online visibility can use Retargeting. It helps them to convey their targeted message to the specific audience.

Here are some of the key benefits of Retargeting Marketing:

Cost Effective

-Higher ROI

-Builds Strong Customer relationship

-Increased Brand Awareness

-Retaining visitors of your website.

So, these were some benefits of using Retargeting. It may not be the only marketing strategy that you are looking for, but it sure is effective when intelligently used with other types of marketing techniques.

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