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New Clickbank 3.0

Clickbank 3.0 – The All New Features Explained!

Clickbank has been one of the most popular digital ecommerce platforms. It was launched in 1998 (almost 15 years back) and have been helping millions of digital entrepreneurs (product creators) and digital marketers (Publishers) to reach their financial goals.

With this evolving digital industry where web and mobile industry is growing exponentially each day.. Clickbank also launched its new suite of features few days back, calling it Clickbank 3.0.

The all new Clickbank 3.0 includes many new great features for entrepreneurs and marketers to help them boost their affiliate sales and increase revenue.

In addition to these new features, Clickbank has also updated the overall look and feel of their website to provide better navigation to the end users.

Here is the brief of all the new features Clickbank 3.0 Offers:

Clickbank University: Its a new, educational platform from Clickbank which is  designed to help digital entrepreneurs to build their online business by providing all the training and information they need.

Affiliate Finder: This new tool is for merchants to find right affiliates/marketers (Based on Skills and relevant experience) who can help them in driving more traffic to their websites, resulting in more sales.

Advanced Custom Order Form: Clickbank now allows its merchants to fully customize their order form by adding images, testimonials, changing layout etc.. This helps merchants to increase their Brand’s visibility during the complete purchase cycle and resulting in higher conversion rates.

Subscription Management System: With the help of this new Subscription Management System, Merchants can now offer flexible subscription options to their customers. Subscriptions can be changed, suspended, extended or reactivated using the new ClickBank dashboard itself.

Automatic Upsell: With this new feature Merchants have a chance to earn affiliate commissions from consumers at checkout. Once the purchase is complete the Clickbank will automatically recommend other digital products (which will be based on historical event data collected by Clickbank over the past 15 years) to the consumers on the confirmation page.

For more information about Clickbank 3.0, you can visit their official website here – Clickbank

In addition to these New additional features, Clickbank also launched its new service called Pytch –  New high-performance mobile monetization network from Clickbank. I will explain more about it, in my coming article.

This is what Matt Hulett, Clickbank Chief Executive Officer has to say about the new Clickbank 3.0 suite launch…

“We’re excited to open up even more business opportunities for online merchants in 2014 and beyond with the launch of ClickBank 3.0,”

– Matt Hulett, CEO, ClickBank

All the new features seems to be promising and I hope will be helpful for both –  The Affiliate Marketers and the Merchants.

If you have used any of the Clickbank 3.0 new features or have something to say, comment below with your thoughts.


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