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freelancer aquires warrior forum
0 comments Acquires Warrior Forum acquires Warrior Forum, The world’s largest online marketing community and marketplace. Early Today, Freelancer Ltd. (ASX:FLN) announced the acquisition of the most popular internet marketing forum ( The acquisition price was $3.2 million, which is funded by the existing cash reserve of the company. This represents a price to revenue multiple of ~3x (based on normalized revenues run rate, which is aprrox.  $1.0 million).

Warrior Forum will remain independent to and will have a separate dedicated team to support the warriors. (more…)

New Clickbank 3.0

Clickbank 3.0 – The All New Features Explained!

Clickbank has been one of the most popular digital ecommerce platforms. It was launched in 1998 (almost 15 years back) and have been helping millions of digital entrepreneurs (product creators) and digital marketers (Publishers) to reach their financial goals.

With this evolving digital industry where web and mobile industry is growing exponentially each day.. Clickbank also launched its new suite of features few days back, calling it Clickbank 3.0.

The all new Clickbank 3.0 includes many new great features for entrepreneurs and marketers to help them boost their affiliate sales and increase revenue.

In addition to these new features, Clickbank has also updated the overall look and feel of their website to provide better navigation to the end users. (more…)

heartbleed bug

HeartBleed – All you need to know about this Catastrophic Bug


It may sound you like a new song from Bullet For My Valentine… but NO! its a new Web Nightmare.

So What is it?

HeartBleed is a security vulnerability in OpenSSL, a popular open-source protocol which is used to encrypt  or secure most of the websites on the internet.

(Almost 66% of the websites on Internet uses SSL To encryptdata)

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is used to protect the confidential information such as usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive data set on secure websites . Mainly it is used in securing and protecting the services like Online Shopping and Online Banking from Eavesdropping. (more…)

facebook buys maxbounty

Facebook Buys MaxBouty for $550 Million

Its April Fools Day and this one big news is coming that Facebook has acquired Maxbouty, a well known Canadian CPA Network for $550 Million. Don’t know, how true it is.

Facebook was looking for an affiliate network to integrate their existing business model from a long time. Also, not so far back in 2010 Facebook itself sued MaxBounty in a lawsuit which was settled out later in a court. (more…)